Sunday, December 5, 2010

School Girl Phone Sex

Ever had that Lolita fantasy? The hot school girl that you just can't resist!!! I LOVE School Girl Phone sex or some like to call it Age play phone sex. I can have a cute little innocent attitude that is just begging for you to teach me the ropes.

Cum be my babysitter while my parents are away!! I promise I'll be dressed in the most revealing outfit to make your cock hard the minute you walk in!! See my little ass poking out from under my short skirt? Could you help me take a shower to make sure I'm extra clean? If you PROMISE I'll even let you take my picture!

I'm as innocent or as slutty as you could ever want *giggle*.

Call me! 888-40-BUNNY

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hey guys!!! It's Christmas and I am in the giving mood.

You fuck me, lick me, kiss me, violate me and treat me like a goddess. You want a pairo f my panties, you know you do!! Call and fuck me, get me all wet in my panties and guess what ...


20 Min. Call - 1 pair of panties
30 Min Call - 2 pair of panties
40 Min Call - 2 pairs of panties and a letter from me
60 Min or more - 3 pairs of panties or a lingerie outfit, your choice!

So the more you spoil me, the more I spoil you!!!

So call me for your Hot Phone Sex Fantasy today!!! 888-40-BUNNY

Monday, November 29, 2010

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I'm called a Princess for a reason and I think you know why piggy. Men take care of me. They make sure every single part of my life is taken care of and provide the means for me to live a full life of luxury. Why do men do this? Cause I'm gorgeous ... I'm out of your league and you know it.
You have money left over at the end of each month and it goes to me.
If you don't have any money at the end of each month, then get a 2nd job or you aren't even worth my time.

I deserve pampering, gifts and to make you beg and worship.

I'm the financial domination phone sex Goddess that you've been waiting for. I'll leave you high and dry while I take FULL advantage of your wallet and laugh the entire time. Time to PAY UP or Shut UP!!!!

Adopt a Call:

Tier 1
90 Minute Call - This is for the DEDICATED piggy, you already work two jobs to make me happy and all of your 2nd job's income goes to me! You are a good piggy and get rewarded as I see fit, if and when I see fit that is.

1 per week = A trip to the salon to get my hair done.
2 per week = A trip to the salon for my hair and makeup
3 per week = A trip to the salon for the whole package.
Daily = THIS PAYS MY RENT! And yes I live in a fabulous area with jacuzzi, pool and all the works. With my rent paid I can step outside onto my front porch worry free, and live the life I deserve.

Tier 2
40 - 60 Minute Call - This is for the piggy that has a small part time job but is still dedicated to me receiving some pampering.

1 - 2 per week is UNACCEPTABLE!!!
3 per week or more = my phone bill paid. This is how you get to talk to your Goddess and hear me laugh at you, call you my cash slut and piggy.

Tier 3
10 - 35 Minute Call - This is for the looser piggy. I'm not sure why I put this option on here but I did. This simply covers basic needs I suppose and if you are going to take care of something and be worth my time you may as well pick this option if you are a pathetic looser who can't even generate the coins to throw at me. Tier 3 MUST be combined with gifts from my WISHLIST on a constant basis. So empty out that pathetic coin jar, shake your wallet and do something slut.

My piggys do get humiliated and black mailed. I'll out you unless I'm completely satisfied.

So ... let the worshiping begin


Click HERE to call me now

2 Girls are Better than 1

Paige and I LOVE doing 2 girl phone sex calls with each other. Her voice is soft and sensual; it instantly makes my pussy wet. She loves my piercings, teasing them, licking them, flicking them and sucking on them .... MMmmmmm God it is so hot!!!

There is so much you can do with Paige and I. We can be subbies, dommes, rape fantasy, mutual masturbation and the list goes on an on!!!

For INCREDIBLE mind blowing 2 girl phone sex call Paige and I!

888-40-BUNNY and ask for us both!!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Phone Sex Fetish

You know you're addicted to phone sex. You can't help yourself. Look at my amazing body, you want it in it, you want to violate it, you want to do the things to it that are so dirty you're too embarrassed to think about!

I love phone sex. Any fantasy or fetish, bring it on!!! I don't have limits or taboos. I LOVE to play!

Gimmie a call and lets have some fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

GFE for the Holidays!

Hi guys :) I'm gonna be pretty lonely over the Holidays this year and I'd love to have a guy that I can talk with over the phone and share this time together!!! We can talk or do anything you wish as GFE Phonesex.

I'll listen to what's been going on in your day and offer the best advice I have. After a long day at work you can sit back in your chair, relax and I'll give you a very sensuous massage that completely relaxes your body. Oh you'd like a beer in your hand? Good thing I have an ice cold one right here for you baby. Now keep relaxing, tell me about your day ....

You continue to talk to me as you feel my hands rubbing down your body, unbuttoning your pants slowly. You can feel your dick getting harder under your jeans. It pops out of your zipper .... "Relax baby, I'm gonna make you feel even better" ... I take your cock into my mouth and slowly lick it up and down ...

:) ... If you'd love to be my special holiday mate this year gimmie a call!



Oh don't forget my wishlist!! I just love gifts for the holidays!!! See the SPOIL ME link on the right!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Vote For Your Bunnies!

Hey boys!!! You love us girls right?? All of us on the website would LOVE for you to vote for us!!! Simply go to our website and click on the flashing banner that says "PHONE SEX CENTRAL" enter in the 3 digit captcha and BOOM you've voted for us!!!

You can vote once every 4 hours. The more you do it for us, the more we love you for it :) Feel free to come into our phone sex chatroom and tell us when you vote!